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Clubs / Leagues / Travel Teams

Athletic leagues, clubs and travel teams require special insurances to operate with peace of mind. Participant injury insurance minimizes out-of-pocket expenses due to injuries that occur during club or league practice or play, or during events such as tournaments.

Plan features include basic accident medical expense coverage, catastrophic coverage for participants, coverage for travel to and from officially-sanctioned events, accidental death & dismemberment benefits and liability coverages for staff.

Have one of our experienced staff assist you in determining the right solution for your league or explore our specific insurance solutions we have for organizations, clubs or travel teams below.

Risk Management
The First Step Toward Winning

Risk Management

Managing the risks associated with the sports industry (as a participant, sponsor or host) involves identifying, analyzing and responding to risk factors in order to minimize the impact.

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Student Accident Insurance Plans
Protection for the Unexpected

K-12 Student Accident Plans

As health insurance premiums and deductibles consistently increase, many institutions consider student accident plans to defray costs and potential institutional liability.

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sports injury insurance plans
Enhanced Protection

College Student Accident Plans

Customized policies with competitive coverage that keep athletes competing.

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Sports Event, Clinic, Camp and Tournament Insurance Programs
Sports Insurance Solutions for

Events / Clinics / Camps / Tournaments

Ensuring the participant accident portion of the risks associated with owning, running and hosting camps, clinics, tournaments and other special events is covered.

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Ancillary Sports Insurance Programs
Above and Beyond

Ancillary Products

To address specific challenges, we have created many specialized products that fill needs identified by our clients.

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Online Participant Insurance

In just a few easy, quick steps your entire league, club or travel team can be covered. Immediately insure the risk of your participants’ injuries right here, right now!

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