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Providing Robust Coverage

Events, Clinics, Tournaments & Sports Camp Insurance

Summer camps, clinics, and events are a great opportunity for your school to generate additional revenue. But without the right sports camp insurance, they could cost you more money than they generate. A-G Administrators insures the participant accident portion of the costly risks associated with owning, running, and hosting camps, clinics, tournaments, and other special events.

The crack of the bat and a stolen base. Cheering teammates and spectators. A referee’s whistle and a coach’s huddle. It’s taken a lot of planning to make it happen. Now you can sit back and enjoy the sounds and sights of hosting sports camps, travel tournaments, or special events. But before you do, make sure you’ve taken steps to protect yourself from financial risk if someone is injured while under your care.

A-G provides the perfect custom coverages for sports event insurance, summer camp insurance, and other clinics or event insurance or risk management needs for K-12 and college programs. Personalized plans are available for athletic camps and clinics, academic programs, outside group events, and meetings that can help shelter your organization or program from liability. If you have an event, we have a plan. Your protection is that easy with A-G.

Have one of our experienced staff assist you in determining the right solution for your event or explore our specific insurance solutions we have for events, clinics, camps and tournaments below.

K-12 Student Accident Plans

It’s not just the accident. Families burdened with rising health insurance premiums and deductibles can be hit hard when it comes to paying medical expenses. Student accident plans can help relieve financial worries and lessen school liability exposure.

College Student Accident Plans

Customized policies with competitive coverage that keep athletes competing.

Ancillary Products

You asked, we listened. In addition to student accident insurance, you can find other specialized products and services at A-G that fill important needs schools like yours may have.

A-G Covers Your Event

It’s simple and fast to get the coverage your event, clinic, camp, or tournament requires. In just a few easy, quick steps A-G insures the risk of your participants’ injuries all online!

The PSBA Insurance Trust is proud to partner with A-G Administrators for the Student and Volunteer Accident programs made available to the PSBA membership. Out of this partnership, we are confident that our member school entities are receiving the highest level of service and support. A-G’s collaborative approach, their dedication to Pennsylvania’s public schools and their expertise make this an easy choice as a partner and the best choice for our members.

Kelsey Carbaugh

Marketing Manager

PSBA Insurance Trust


Take part in A-G’s first annual survey on intercollegiate athletic department medical expenses.


A-G has the experience to offer the best custom coverage for every program and the best customer service to ensure a worry-free process for every claim. The nation’s most competitive K-12, collegiate and youth programs Achieve Greatness with A-G!

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