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Sparta Science Sports Injury Risk Management

Sparta Science is THE leading software company that applies data and technology to the pursuit of human resilience—in support of superior student-athlete performance, injury prevention, elite training methods and precision rehabilitation.
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A-G Administrators and Sparta Science have teamed up to provide a solution to optimize health and performance with evidence-based movement scans and data-driven exercise prescriptions to help minimize injury risk and speed effective rehabilitation to physical activity.

Sparta Science diagnoses risk of injury and instantly prescribes individual plans to determine readiness by targeting specific areas to reduce injury risk and improve physical performance. Sparta technology is used worldwide by elite and conventional military forces, professional, collegiate, high school and youth sports organizations, strength training professionals, and medical providers committed to helping people move better, at work, at play and on duty.

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  • Sparta Science measures an individual’s, injury risk, and return to play timelines.

  • Weekly 90 second analysis that provides an objective measurement of readiness.

  • A-G Exclusive Sparta Offering:
    Sparta provides a one day of scans for all student-athletes and injury risk analysis report.


  • 48% reduction in surgeries with the Sparta Software.

  • 45% annual reduction in insurance claims.

  • Proven to reduce injuries by 21% each year.

*Based on eight years of data analysis of shared clients' data.

Sparta Science Sports Injury Prevention Risk Management Insurance

Sparta provides A-G clients with an injury risk analysis report generated by data from collegiate industry norms.


Move better from the ground up—reduce injuries and optimize performance with Sparta Science.

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