“What do I need to file a claim?”

Generally, you will need 3 items to file a claim with A-G Administrators, Inc.:
1. A completed notice of injury (claim) form.
2. An itemized bill.
3. An explanation of benefits from your primary insurer.
Once you have these documents, mail, fax, email or securely upload them to
us for prompt processing:

A-G Administrators, Inc
Claims Department
P.O. Box 979
Valley Forge, PA 19482
fax: 610.933.4122

email: claims@agadm.com

“What is a claim form, and why do I need one?”

A claim form indicates the date, time, and description of the sickness or injury. It
also gives health care providers permission to send us your itemized bills and
explanation of benefit forms (EOBs) so that we may issue benefits on your behalf.

“What is an itemized bill?”

An itemized bill consists of one of two types of documents: A “HCFA 1500” or
UB04.” Click on the hyperlinks to view examples of these forms.

“Why do I need an itemized bill?”

An itemized bill verifies the diagnosis and specific treatment rendered by a hospital,
physician or other health care provider. It also contains “CPT” codes or “common
procedure terminology” codes that indicate the type of service that was performed.
It is necessary to have the information provided on an itemized bill in order to issue
benefits for a claim.

“What is an EOB?”

EOB stands for explanation of benefits. This is an accounting of how your insurance
company processed claims for your health care procedures. It is provided by your
insurance company to you and to your health care provider. Almost all of AG
Administrators’ partner plans provide “excess accident” benefits meaning that your
benefits with us are secondary to any other insurance plan that you have. AG
Administrators will coordinate benefits on your behalf after the claim has been
submitted to your primary insurance carrier. We need the EOB to ensure your
primary insurance plan has paid any benefit they were supposed to prior to us
paying our part.

“How do I get a quote for insurance?”

Please contact our office directly or complete and submit the following information
and one of our experienced staff will be in touch with you right away.