Student Accident Plans

A-G Administrators, Inc. has a wide variety of options available to colleges and universities to find the right insurance products to fit your needs. With rising health insurance deductibles and other potential out-of-pocket expenses, many institutions consider a mandatory student accident plan to defray costs and potential institutional liability! Contact us today to have one of our experienced staff assist you in determining the right solution for your campus or click the icon below to learn more about student accident coverage.

Mandatory Accident Plans

Many institutions look to limit their risk exposure by implementing a mandatory accident plan. These plans are typically excess plans meaning benefits are paid secondary to any personal insurance that a student possesses. Limiting any out-of-pocket expense a student or his/her family may have as the result of an accident on campus is certainly a pro-active step in minimizing the risk of litigation that could result from an unfortunate situation. Is this the right risk management solution for you?  Click here to learn more

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