Apr 18, 2022

A-G Wins K-12 Award For Superior Insurance Technology

A-G Wins K-12 Award For Superior Insurance Technology

Accidents happen, whether it’s during interscholastic sports, extracurricular activities, a regular school day, or summer camp. You can relax with A-G in charge—because we know what’s needed to keep families from financial harm and to protect the school from liability. It’s what we’ve been doing for nearly 40 years as a leading provider of K-12 student accident insurance, and it’s the only way we know how to do business.

By leveraging superior insurance technology ––called EGBAR––we minimize frustration during the claims process with a suite of services unmatched in the industry for alleviating complexity and providing peace of mind.

Putting Award-Winning Insurance Technology To Work For Your School

Recently, A-G was awarded one of the “Top 10 Student Service Solution Providers” for 2022 from Education Technology Insights, highlighting our unique commitment to providing excellent service for K-12 school districts through state-of-the-art insurance technology.

James Shipp, Chief Operating Officer of A-G, reflects on this exciting news:

“A-G has built our unique value proposition on three pillars of success: service, savings, and technology integration. To be recognized by Education Technology Insights validates the significant investment our company has made in delivering a superior user experience to our clients through our technology-driven solution. I am incredibly proud of our team for this well-earned recognition.”

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A sports accident program with A-G Administrators means solid coverage that helps protect student-athletes and their families from out-of-pocket medical expenses and the school from exposure to litigation. That’s important because deductibles can average an unexpected $1,600—money that families may not have on hand. With our program, this financial risk is reduced, along with the risk of turning to the school for payment. We achieve peace of mind for both the school administration and the families so that your student-athletes can concentrate on recovery.

Simplifying The Claims Process for K-12 Schools

A-G simplifies the process for claimants by integrating directly with the healthcare provider to obtain EOBs and the additional necessary documents. With advanced EDI capabilities, A-G accepts and stores the digital documents collected from medical providers. This paperless method enables easy and efficient data extraction in contrast to traditional time-consuming methods.

Our web-based insurance technology system acts as a reservoir of data, providing clients with a real-time update on the pending and paid amount, check number, and other relevant information through an intuitive user interface. As part of their technology ecosystem, A-G also leverages BI capabilities for reporting and data visualization.

Solutions that provide value lies at the heart of what we’ve been doing for the K-12 and intercollegiate sports industry for nearly 40 years. Discover more about us with a complimentary EGBAR Demo. When you learn what this claims management game-changer can do for your school sports clients, we think you’ll find it’s one of the best investments you’ve made in a long time.

Get results for student-athletes and peace of mind for your program from a different kind of insurance provider. See how A-G’s K-12 solutions can impact your school and students. Or call (610) 933-0800 to speak with a sports insurance specialist.


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