Nowadays, youth sports programs are booming. Not only do young athletes play for their schools, but many also play on elite travel sports teams, which number over 60,000 in the U.S. today. And these programs aren’t just popular, they’re big business, too—a $19 billion market now and estimated to reach $77 billion by 2026.

Two boys ice hockey players in the rink chasing the puck.

These programs offer young athletes a chance to learn new skills and compete at a higher level. And many families feel that they help youth reach varsity level in high school and offer more visibility to college scouts for scholarships and intercollegiate play. Maybe even a track to the pros!

But before all that can happen, clubs and organizations need to safeguard those in their care and their programs. Accidents happen, on and off the field and to and from practices and tournaments. Having a participant accident plan in place can help relieve the financial costs of accidents and their medical treatments while also helping protect your club. A-G Administrators explains how it works.

The Travel Sports Team Insurance Game Plan

With an estimated more than 775,000 children participating in sports activities injured each year and one in four injuries considered serious, the chance of an accident happening can’t be ignored. But with participant accident insurance, your organization can be prepared in three important ways:

1. Coverage for medical treatment costs from an accident.
When an athlete is injured, a participant accident plan provides medical expense coverage. If the family has primary health insurance, then the participant accident insurance can be used to help cover deductibles, copayments, and other out-of-patient costs that the athlete’s primary health insurance doesn’t cover. If the family doesn’t have health insurance, the benefits can help alleviate some of the treatment costs they’ll face.
A-G offers different plans to fit your program’s budget and goals.

  • Mandatory plans, where parents pay the premiums, not the organization. It is required for participants to have coverage before they can practice or play.
  • Compulsory plans, where the program covers the premium. Families appreciate the care your organization shows in providing this additional layer of protection to their child’s health and wellness.
  • Voluntary plans, which the programs offer, and the parent has the option to purchase. It is not required for the participants to have this coverage.

An A-G sports insurance specialist can help you determine what kind of plan makes the most sense for your organization to offer.

2. Protection for your club program.
When parents see that you offer an accident plan, they will appreciate both the concern you’re showing for their young athletes’ welfare and the financial safety net provided in case of medical treatment expenses.

It may also help decrease the chance of liability against your organization should an accident happen because the families have access to financial benefits. This keeps your organization on a firm footing, and you can continue to focus on the program and not worry about the ramifications.

3. Developing a better program and attracting stronger players.
In addition to the medical cost benefits of sports team travel insurance, an A-G accident plan can help your program grow.

We provide in-depth claims analysis of injuries through EGBAR , our industry-leading claims management system. This data will show injury trends, letting us work together with you to provide risk management solutions. These, in turn, can create healthier, stronger players and enhance your club’s winning reputation. (And the information may also be used to decrease premium cost.)

Let A-G Travel With Your Team

At A-G Administrators, we’ve been covering K-12, intercollegiate, and youth sports organization insurance needs for nearly 40 years. We provide solutions to more than 3,000 youth sports organizations, including several National Governing Bodies. It’s our history and experience that make the difference, and we’d love to show you how.

If you’re ready to speak to one of our insurance specialists about how we can help protect and enhance your program, or if you’d like to see an EGBAR demonstration, it’s easy. Just start here. We look forward to connecting soon.


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