The process at A-G Administrators represents a continuous investment in supporting agents & brokers with resources and technology that streamline the workflow of insurance quoting and binding, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

A-G Administrators support broker and agent producers with best-in-class technologies to advance your business in the collegiate, K-12, youth sports and participant insurance markets including full online and phone support.

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The A-G Administrators dedicated support team offers an online support option through our Broker Portal. Click on the link below to receive a quote today! Our support team is standing by to facilitate quoting and binding solutions that meet your needs.

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Paper Requests

For our producers who prefer to complete paper request for quotes, please email or fax (484-705-1077) the appropriate forms to A-G Administrators.


Discover the best possible quoting and follow-through service in the industry!

We have found through working with A-G Administrators that their staff understands the nuance of the sports insurance world and has helped us deliver a better experience to our athletes and members. A-G Administrators’ exceptional customer service and their unique approach to claims processing discounting have resulted in positive member value while protecting our bottom line, keeping costs in check.

Glenn Merry

Chief Executive Officer


Achieve Greatness!

The time is NOW for you to partner with the undisputed sports insurance leader.


A-G has the experience to offer the best custom coverage for every program and the best customer service to ensure a worry-free process for every claim. The nation’s most competitive K-12, collegiate and youth programs Achieve Greatness with A-G!

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