Meet the Team

Al Gillis – Founder

Dixon Gillis – Chief Executive Officer

Jake Gillis – Chief Operating Officer

James Shipp, ATC – Chief Marketing Officer

L. Cord Campbell – Chief Financial Officer

Tiago Rolo – Chief Technology Officer

Peter Schriber – Director of Finance and Accounting

Daniel Beery – Director of Contracting

Nanci Peters – Director of Client Services

Leslie Robinson, MS, ATC – Director of Human Resources

Joe Giunta-  Program Manager

Sneha Maruvanda- Project Manager

Praneetha Prakash-BI Analyst

Patrick Monteith – Finance & Accounting Manager

Amanda Rogerson- Finance & Accounting Manager

John Williamson- Client & Customer Support Manager

Jeffrey Stefankiewicz – Claim Service Manager

Shawnn Blymiller – Claim Service Manager

Ryan Davis – Claim Service Manager

Jack Dever – Claim Service Manager

Anthony Ciavardelli -Client Service Manager

Diana Dever – Customer Support Manager

Kyrstin Hunter – Customer Support Manager

Andrew Fonash – Claim Examiner

Cory Stoltz- Claim Examiner

Erick Winstead – Claim Examiner

Fahmid Hasan- Claim Examiner

Greg Giangiulio – Claim Examiner

Ilir Cepani – Claim Examiner

Jamison Barber- Claim Examiner

Jason Martin -Claim Examiner

Melissa McMilian- Claim Examiner

Molly Wyman- Claim Examiner

Nikki Trimbur – Claim Examiner

Rachel Schaefer – Claim Examiner

Rich Garcia- Claim Examiner

Stephon Tyler – Claim Examiner

Tyler Hansen- Claim Examiner

John Hufziger- Underwriter

Juliana Strazulo – Customer Support

Kassandra Carmona – Customer Support

Maria Sierra – Customer Support

Matthew Fielder – Customer Support

Samantha McKeever – Claim Support

Corinne Stefankiewicz – Claim Support

Jennifer Cauley ATC – Claim Support

Sean Robinson – Claim Support

Alex Doyle – Manager/Document Center

Luke Weaver – Document Processing Specialist

Sarah Sherman – Document Processing Specialist

Tony Calamaro – Document Processing Specialist

Funmi Omowole-Dosunmu – Document Clerk