Personal Attention, Expert Advice, Financial Sustainability

A-G Administrators, Inc., a family owned and operated company since 1983, distinguishes ourselves from our competition through:

  • unsurpassed personal client attention and service,
  • industry leading savings, and
  • the superior use of technology in our products, services and client guidance.

What started 30 years ago as a one-man operation handling local K-12 school district accident accounts has grown into a nationwide leader in innovative sports and special risk accident medical insurance. Focused on insuring sports injuries since our inception, we have honed our focus, expertise, and core business to intercollegiate, interscholastic (K-12), and Olympic and youth sports injury programs and student health plans. Today, A-G Administrators, Inc. provides expert advice and uniquely designed insurance solutions to over:

  • 325 colleges and universities,
  • 500 K-12 schools and school systems, and
  • 2000 youth sports organizations including several National Governing Bodies

Over our entire 30 year history, we boast a 95% client retention rate. We believe this is the result of our unique approach and service standards.  Whether you are a college or university who wants to develop a comprehensive risk management program for your student-athletes, a youth sports club looking to insure the risk of your participants’ injuries, or an agent or broker seeking the best solutions for your clients, A-G Administrators, Inc. is here to provide you with the uniquely designed program tailored to your needs! As your “Sports Insurance Specialists”, we are innovators in the field.

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Unsurpassed Personal Client Attention and Service

We understand that service is critical. Have you ever called a “customer no-service” number and proceed to push a series of buttons in order to FINALLY get to speak to an actual human being? Well, this infuriates us too, and it is simply not acceptable!!! Each one of our clients has a direct claims account manager and program manager. You will have the direct contact information of both of these individuals in order to provide you with fast, efficient client service. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond in adjudicating claims and communicating with medical providers and our clients. We are fair, courteous and professional. In a day and age where technology and labor are outsourced or downsized, A-G is investing more in its people and its services to ensure our clients are getting unique solutions tailored to your needs.

Industry Leading Savings

You want to receive the best health care possible at a fair price, doctors and health care providers want to get paid quickly, and nobody wants drama or frustration in the process. We understand this which is why A-G Administrators, Inc. uses a unique, three-pronged hybrid approach to generate the best savings for our clients.  Contact us to learn more about our unique approach and the savings that result.

Innovative Technology

Our state-of-the-art technology applications provide a suite of services that are unmatched in the industry. “EGBAR” is our proprietary claims system that provides a portal to your information. View your overall claims history; generate the reports that are necessary in developing comprehensive risk management strategies; or, check on the status of a specific claim in REAL TIME!!! It is all at your fingertips.  Our portal provides you unparalleled transparency and instant access while ensuring the security of your information that the federal government mandates. Now that is innovative!

Innovators in Sports Insurance!

A lot of people throw out this term “innovator” but what does it actually mean? Well in the world of insurance, innovation comes in the form of two things: (1) the technology platform that a company uses (or builds), and (2) the approach a company uses in managing claims. The functional unit in insurance is the third-party administrator (TPA). That just happens to be one of the hats that we wear. In the claims process, using technology to allow us to receive claims from you in many different forms (file uploads, 100% electronic submission, email, fax, snail mail, allows us to meet you where you are in terms of your comfort level with technology. Perhaps more importantly, it allows us to interact with your providers directly through our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). One of our goals in the claims process is to minimize the amount of administrative work that you have to put in. We understand that you might have better things to do than chase down paperwork to get your claims paid; so, we will do whatever we can to facilitate this process on your behalf. On the other side of things, processing these claims quickly gives us a decided advantage in our aggressive cost savings approach. We use our technology to pay claims faster than anyone in the market. This saves you time and money. A-G Administrators, Inc. – “Insurance moving at the speed of Electrons”!

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